Heading to sea

Heading to sea

I hold down the bow as we set out to sea. We’re recovering deep water seismometers (1000-6000 m depths) in the southern section of the array– around the Gorda ridge and Mendocino triple junction. Now it’s time for lunch!

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4 Responses to Heading to sea

  1. Lee says:

    How long do you go out for and how far? How’s the food?

    • 6 days. I don’t know the exact distance but I will try to post a map of the seismometer locations soon. The food is good– salad bar, fruit platters, pancakes to order at breakfast; I am a little worried that I’ll have to change to a bigger notch on my belt by the time I make it off this boat.

  2. Charlie says:

    Ooh! What is your GPS location? Any sweet sea surface maps of Gorda/Mendocino TJ?

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