I’m coming back…

…to the blogosphere. It’s been a couple years since I updated this blog. I’ve been out in the world trying on different professions, but I’m excited to share that I’m returning to geology and to school to pursue a PhD at UMass starting this fall. And that means I have science on my mind and things I’d like to share with you! I’ve already started to do background research for a project in Vancouver I may get involved with, so I’m planning to bring you some posts about paleomagnetism and the Baja-British Columbia controversy soon. I’ve also been thinking about science topics outside of geology (wild! I know! Who do I think I am?!). I’ve found a new love of biology recently, partly due to my current job as a gardener (there are soooo many plants you guys… soooo many). It’s also been a super exciting year for planetary science, with incredible images of Saturn and its moons and rings coming from Cassini, and spectacular Jupiter images coming from Juno. Yes, we have a lot to catch up on!

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